We all know that vintage baseball cards, vintage toys, 1st edition books, golden age comics such as Action Comics (Introduction of Superman) and Detective Comics (Introduction of Batman) are all highly desired by collectors from around the world but there are markets for collectibles that you might never even imagine.  There are serious collectors for items such as antique doorstops, inkwells, ornate book ends, ephemera, folk art, old salesmen samples (windmills, furniture, machines, tractors, and much more), origami, vintage risque calendars and drawings, etc.

Recently, The Denver Bookcase purchased a large collection of collectible reference and price guides (about 300) from a retired dealer to expand our knowledge and learn more about our craft of spotting hidden gems.  We are dedicated to uncovering great items that tell the stories from the history of an industry or an era.  We are also dedicated to being fair and giving honest evaluations to individuals selling their collections or families estates.