The Denver Bookcase specializes in books of all types.  Though we do buy and sell lots of interesting items, we love the hunting for the great treasures in the world of literature and enjoy providing collectors and readers fascinating books.  From 15th century Latin religious publications to modern first editions, and from rare art books to beat generation poetry – we love it

We often get the question “What types of books do you buy?“.  This is a tough question for us to answer because there are so many different types of books and publications that we are interested in. The following is a short list of some of the types of items we may be interested in.

Books and publications we may buy:

  • Technical publications or books: (some examples) Engineering, aviation, locomotive, mechanical or engine design, medical, geophysical and mining, high level mathematics and science, design, architecture, ETC.)
  • Rare and collectors items: First editions, limited printings, signed editions, leather bound and fine binding, early or rare comics, illustrated editions
  • Vintage and Antique: Early science fiction, leather bound, early mystery and detective, early fantasy magazines / publications (Weird Tales, detective / pulp fiction, Doc Savage), Alcoholics Anonymous (1940’s),  Early adult or men’s magazines, Beat Generation publications, Fashion books or magazines (Some pre 1970’s, Victorian era / pre 1900’s), National Geographic (pre-1920’s), pre-1950’s books with original dust jackets, and many items that were published before 1900.
  • Religious & Spiritual:  Commentaries, bibles, study bibles, metaphysical, and others
  • Unique or Unusual: Occult, magic, tarot cards or books, Freemasons, Masonic, Knights Templar, strange, bizarre or strange (any genre or type from horror or humor to adult related)
  • Other: Art books, some hobbies and crafts, Disney and cartoon / toy related, original comic and video game artwork, niche books (i.e. Flyfishing, remote control vehicle building, Lionel trains, Locomotive related Rio Grande, Union Pacific Southern Pacific, etc.) and MANY, MANY More that we did not list here.
  • Authors we are interested in: Dr Seuss, H.P. Lovecraft, C.S., Lewis Carroll, Jack Kerouac,

We also are interested in advertising / manuals or publications for early sports cars, trains / locomotive and aircraft, tractors and farming equipment, military, and many other types of vintage advertising items.  We are also interested in items that were published during WWII or earlier.

Books and publications we typically may NOT buy:

  • Common items: Mass market paperbacks, romance, National Geographic (1930’s – current), book club editions BCE (unless mint / new condition), western books, common fiction books (Steven King, Dean Koontz, Nora Roberts, Danielle Steel, James Patterson, Louis L’Amour, Zane Gray, etc.)
  • Typical Magazines: We don’t purchase most magazines unless they are unique or early editions, however, there are some publications we may be interested in. We do NOT buy common Playboy / Penthouse magazines
  • Poor Condition: Generally we do not buy any items that are in less than good condition. Please Note: What we would consider good condition varies drastically based on the type of item and age.  An 18th century medical publication or similar book with some spotting or discoloration and moderate cover wear could be considered good for it’s age whereas a signed edition of a Steven King novel would have to be in much better condition.

If you have a collection of books you are looking to sell or just have any questions please contact us.  If you can provide photographs and some details about the types of items you have it is always helpful for us. We are willing to travel the world for great collections of unique, rare, unusual or fascinating books and collectibles so don’t hesitate.

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