About Us

The Denver Bookcase is an online book, media and collectibles company.  We provide great customer service, fast and reliable shipping, and have done so with excellent customer reviews.   We buy and sell rare, collectible and down right awesome stuff.

Origin of The Denver Bookcase:

The Denver Bookcase was founded in January 2012 in Denver, Colorado by Jeff and John.

The idea for the Denver Bookcase was originally hatched by John and myself (Jeff) after Patty (my mom) took me out to an estate sale.  Within 10 minutes of shopping she picked up 2 small metal objects and paid about $7.00.   I thought “why would you waste $7.00 on that junk?”  Later that day we found out that she had actually bought a 92.5% sterling silver platter that weighted just under 250 grams.  At that time silver was at it’s peak (2011) and was worth about $240.  Not long after that John would find an awesome rare Macintosh Apple book from a thrift store and started the obsession.

It was from the second floor of a small DU area apartment is where the business really began to take shape.  The apartment housed our inventory (the good, the bad, and the industrial lamps), a small shipping center and served as the central hub for all of our creative ideas and business plans.  As the apartment began to burst at the seams we had to expand to garages, our families homes and later to a small medical office in Westminster.  Unusual I know, but the rent was great and the neighbors were awesome.  John had since decided to pursue other opportunities and currently works with our state government as a financial rock star.

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Special Thanks to Patty and Aleah!!